The Hookup Dinner or THUD as it is known, is one of the first entrepreneurship events i ever attended. The draw was simple: a platform for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to connect, engage and contribute to each others success. I was instantly hooked. The monthly meetings have become a Church like surmon delivered by an incredible host and entrepreneur Selebogo Molefe. Selebogo, together with his team, deliver a networking experience for entrepreneurs unlike any other. A feature of the event i am a big fan of is the Pitch 180 where startups can pitch to the audience and literally crowd fund for cash or other resources. The networking mixer is where things get interesting as the audience must pitch themselves and their businesses to their respective groups in 30 seconds or less. THUD has extended its offering to other features such as the THUDstartupvisa tours which help entrepreneurs explore other African markets for their products. The Hookup Dinner exists in over 10 cities and and is a growing network of emerging startups & entrepreneurs. If you looking for a networking event with a difference, this is it.

Address: 20 Kruger St, City and Suburban, Johannesburg, 2094