Mashudu Modau is a Youth Entrepreneurship Evangelist in South Africa

My name is Mashudu Modau, I am a Youth Entrepreneurship Evangelist. An African Startups Lover. And a Small Business Supporter. I am the founder and creator of the MASHSTARTSUP platform. Mashstartsup is a digital platform for young entrepreneurs to gain access to resources, information and content about the South African startup ecosystem. This includes written articles, YouTube videos & podcasts all covering the intricate workings of the support landscape that exists for young entrepreneurs.

I have dedicated the work I do to accelerate the advancement of youth entrepreneurship under three core values: Enabling; Educating; Empowering.

1. ENABLING – A safe space for creators, game-changers and world-builders who want to use entrepreneurship to positively impact & change in the world around them.

2. EDUCATING -Through the creation and curation of digital content & resources to impact the learning journey of young entrepreneurs.

3. EMPOWERING – Developing experiences which significantly impact the growth & development of small businesses in South Africa

I have furthered the work I have done in my own platform with one of South Africa’s fastest growing Fin-Tech startups, YOCO. YOCO is the largest card acceptance solution for Small to Medium Businesses. My role includes developing and scaling event properties & engagements with South African small business communities in order to develop entrepreneurs with the skills & information to better their performance. This includes workshops, meet-ups & tech events that further grow small business through development of the entrepreneurs themselves. One of our most successful events is a peer mentorship platform: YOCO Meets

Apart from my work at Yoco, I regard myself as a digital entrepreneur in every right. My focus, core to my values, is on Development in different spheres.

1. Development of Platforms – Through a digital platform development project:

2. Development of Content – Through South Africa’s first podcast network:

3. Development of Entrepreneurs – Through the MASHSTARTSUP platform:

Ecosystem Roles: Ambassordor for Southern African Startup Awards, Online Community manager for The Hookup Dinner, Host of The Power of Ten

Press Features include: SAFM, Destiny Man Magazine, Radio 2000 & VOW FM

Special Projects: Virtual Reality Tours of Top 3 Workspaces in South Africa https